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Vagheggi 75.15 Face scrub 75ml

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Face scrub made from whole cane sugar, butters and precious oils.

A scrub to thoroughly clean the face. By eliminating dead cells from the surface, it helps to renew the skin’s uppermost layer.

The active principle of Pistacia lentiscus resin crystals: obtained using the Green Technology supercritical CO2 extraction method it stimulates the functionality of youth proteins (Klotho) in the fibroblasts. Its lifting effect remodels the facial contours and gives the skin new-found density and compactness - Cane sugar: it has a nourishing, exfoliating and regenerating action
Apply to face, neck and decollete, taking care to massage gently with fingertips.
Cleanses deep down for satin look skin.


Tested under dermatological control, Nickel tested


- clinical tests*:

Increase in skin compactness after 20 days 20%

Reduction in wrinkle depth after just 20 days 8%

Increase in skin elasticity right from very first session 12%

- self-assessment tests**:

100% saw their skin lifted, smoothed, radiant, with reduced wrinkles

95% saw their skin redensified

95% saw reduced bags and dark circles


Paraben, Alcohol, Paraffin

*instrumental clinical tests carried out on complete treatment plus products to use at home

**self-assessment tests carried out on complete treatment plus products to use at home

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