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Vagheggi 75.15 Lip plumping mask Limited edition purple ice

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Mask for lips and lip contour

A lip mask characterised by a rich texture that doesn’t need rinsing. It can be used throughout the day as needed or as an overnight mask on lips and contour.
Lips appear plumped, softer and smoother.It contains the precious ice wine elixir with lifting effect that evens the lip contour and minimise the lip barcode. The Sea fern algae adds volume to enhance lip contours.

The 75.15 line is the latest frontier in cosmetology, the perfect synergy of active ingredients from nature that work on the genetic codes in nature itself.

Everyone is looking for a way to preserve their beauty over time and slow down skin ageing, the irreversible, biological, evolutionary process from which there is no escape. Ageing is in fact a genetic phenomenon that affects the whole body, but is mainly visible in the skin. And that’s not all, as external aggression by the environment means our cells gradually lose their ability for damage repair, making this an important factor in ageing processes. Thanks to valuable active ingredient made from Pistacia lentiscus resin crystals and the formulas of the various cosmetics in this precious anti-ageing line by Vagheggi, it has significant results on the skin. It redensifies, brightens and smooths the skin and reduces wrinkles.

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