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Emozioni Plus soothing essence mist 200ml

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Soothing spray concentrate for an immediate relief from skin discomfort, even over makeup. Bilberry and turmeric calm skin sensitivity of the face and body.


  • CURCUMA LONGA prevents and blocks all stress-related skin irritation phenomena and other typical reactions of sensitive skins. This concentrated plasma contains not only conventional anti-inflammatory molecules, but also messenger molecules and enzymes that make the lenitive effect faster and more effective.
  • ZANTHOXYLUM BUNGEANUM From the fruits and shrubs is obtained is obtained, by CO2 extraction, a patented lipophilic active capable of providing a soothing action to the sensations of discomfort of sensitive skins.
  • BLUEBERRY Organic blueberry extract, rich in anthocyanins, which acts on the wall of blood vessels, improving its resistance, permeability and elasticity. Antioxidant action.
  • MATRICIAL CHAMOMILE Distilled water of chamomile responsible for marked lenitive properties.


Spray onto face and body, even on top of make-up.

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